What are the primary skills in soccer

What are the primary skills in soccer

Soccer is a game, unlike all others, as the feet are required for special skills more than the hands. A number of primary skills are needed to play soccer, with advanced players able to develop on the primary skills for more complicated and specific dribbling, shooting and passing. The capabilities of a soccer player also differ from one position to another, with a goalkeeper requiring many different skills than a field player. Here are the primary skills in soccer.

What are the primary skills in soccer

Get to know about the primary skills in soccer

Passing is one of the most primary skills in soccer, as it is how you drive the ball from yourself to another player. For a small basic pass, you need to turn your foot ninety degrees to the edge and swing your leg and makes contact. If you need to throw the ball far away, swing your leg with more strength and aim for the below half of the ball, to jump it into the air and use the center of your toes.

Receiving a Pass
Whether you are getting a pass that is on the spot or moving through the air, you will want to square your arms in the way the ball is coming. If it is on the place, you need to turn your foot approaching the outside as if you were passing, and with your knees curved, cushion the ball, so it holds right at your feet. For a ball moving through the air, you will most probably want to take the ball with your chest. Stand with your back curved slightly backward so when the ball bumps your chest, and it will jump gently into the air and then arrive at your feet, rather than jump off out of your control.

There are many alternative ways to score a goal, but the primary way to get the goal is by using a shot. When shooting, your placed foot, serve through and where you hit the ball are all essential. You need to put your non-shooting foot just beside the ball, with your toe aiming at the spot you are pointing to shoot. Swing your leg over the ball, aiming big on the ball if you need to keep it low or aiming lower on the ball if you want to send it in the air. Follow through with the shooting leg, in a hopping movement that makes your plant foot off the area, and land on foot you hit with for the most strength.

Outside of passing, dribbling is the primary way of moving the ball up the court. It works fine when you have an open field in front of you without holding defenders. Most players find benefit by utilizing the top of their foot to drive the ball on the ground when passing, and the more forward you get, the more elements of your foot you will be able to manage when dribbling. The purpose of dribbling is to move the ball fast while holding the ball close to your body so that you can get a quick decision to shoot, pass or change track whenever needed.

In this part, you have learned about the primary skills in soccer. But facts mentioned in this part are just a small part of what you want to know as the soccer player. To get an update, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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