Two Powerful Late-Game Soccer Ball Handling Exercises

Summer is a great season of the year for soccer athletes to improve their personal fitness levels and professional abilities. Athletes typically work on their health levels separately from struggling with the soccer ball. Although any type of workout will help you to develop, you can attain greater fitness while going with the ball.

The scope and depth of your fitness are only as good as how strong you can work with the soccer ball when you are exhausted. So it’s necessary to get touches when you are fatigued. You need to exercise being focused and prepared with worn-out legs. My Soccer Academy holds the best coaches, Get register with us and learn various soccer ball-handling exercise.

Two Powerful Late-Game Soccer Ball Handling ExercisesSoccer Ball-Handling Exercises


A typical interval workout between soccer athletes is called “Cones” or “Doggies” or “25’s.”

  • Set six cones five yards distant in a straight line for 25 yards.
  • Begin at cone 1, sprint toward cone 2, turn and sprint back to cone1, roll and sprint back to cone 3, cone 1, and so on.
  • Once you have arrived all five cones and are back at cone 1, take a 55-second break before beginning the next set.
  • Redo this till you complete ten rounds. Most athletes should be able to perform round in under 35 seconds.

Ball Abilities

A modest variation of “Doggies” can be arranged with the soccer ball. Rather than using 6 cones, use 5 meeting a total of 20 yards. Rather than just moving, add a ball to the mix moving back and forth forming at the cones. This will examine your ability to dribble and strike with the ball effectively and instantly so that you can perform a set in the least amount of time feasible.

  • Perform the first five sets applying only your right foot and the last 5 using only your left foot.
  • Add changes in terms of the surface of the foot you use—outside, inside or bottom of your foot.
  • As you get more into the exercise, it requires you to focus further on the ball and taking good touches as you get more fatigued.

Players who do this exercise will increase their fitness base, plus add pressure by performing it with a ball. Since this exercise is game-realistic, it will improve your ability to keep the ball under tension in the final moments of a game. Joining it to your collection this summer will effectively and efficiently develop both your fitness level and your professional abilities with the ball.

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