Get to know about the complete core exercise for every game

The complete core exercise for every game

A player’s core plays an essential role in his or her talent to perform active functional movements. Your focus is your center of gravity, the corner where all muscle activation either happens or passes through. Every player’s core muscles are complex and used differently, depending on their game. That’s why athletes should complete core exercises that are sport-specific and that copy the actions they use on the field or court. Here are some core exercises for every game to help improve athletic performance in these major games.

Get to know about the complete core exercise for every gameGet to know about the complete core exercise for every game


Flat straight leg raise & hold

This is a perfect football training that most athletes did back in their Pop Warner days. It increases strength and stamina in the hip flexors, lower abdominals and quadriceps, which point to fatigue and feel dull toward the end of a game.

How to Perform:
Rest on your back with your legs straight and your hands out to the side or underneath your below back.
Having your legs straight and feet mutually, lift your legs off the ground to approximately 45 degrees.
Keep that position for 60 seconds; that’s one rep.
Perform a central crunch during this step to target your upper abdominal muscles.

Cross Track

Sprinter sit-ups

As its name shows, this exercise profits sprinters and players in sports requiring explosive speed. It simulates the sprinting motion, helping to prepare the core muscles to activate in the correct ornament to enhance running technicians.

How to Perform:

Rest on your back with your legs straight and your arms on your sides.
Concurrently sit up and take one knee up toward your chest.
Extend the arm after you on the same side as your lifted knee.
Meanwhile, bring your opposite arm forward, curved at a 90-degree angle.
After you touch the top of your Sit-Up, lie back down, stretch your leg and place both arms behind by your sides.
Return with the opposite leg. That’s one repetition.


Scissor Crunches

Scissor crunches are alike V-Ups, but they also target the bent abdominals and twisted muscles. They mimic a soccer player’s kicking action, helping to create explosive kicking power by working the core muscles.

How to Perform:

Lie on your back with your arms right above your head and your heels on the ground.
Together lift your right hand and left foot to each other, having both straight.
Once you reach your hand to your foot, invert the motion until you reach the opening position; that’s one rep.
Do all reps on one side, then turnabout to the other side.

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