Nutrition and diet tips for the soccer players

If you want to be a good soccer player or compete in your local soccer league program, the right and perfect diet is a must. As you know, soccer is an intense sport requiring a significant amount of strength, agility, and speed. To meet their nutritional needs, the player must get enough calories, minerals, vitamins, and fluid. In this article, you will know the perfect nutrition and diet tips for the soccer players, and by following these tips, you can take your soccer game to the next level.

Perfect nutrition and diet tips for the soccer players


Soccer players must need more calories than inactive individuals. To maintain muscle mass and body weight, it’s very important to take enough calories from healthy foods. The best way to know about your calories is to keep an eye on your weight. If your weight is increasing, you’re probably eating too many calories. If it is dropping, it may be time to improve your calories. We recommend that players should get about 60 percent of their calories from carbohydrates and less than 30 percent from fats.


Hydration is an essential aspect of performance during the soccer match. Properly hydrating before, during and after a soccer match is necessary, as even slight dehydration can retard soccer performance. Also, playing in the heat is an important consideration for outdoor soccer players. You need to drink extra fluid in the form of water or an electrolyte beverage during hot or humid days. We recommend that player should have to drink a cold beverage containing sodium and carbohydrates to support exercise recovery. Please avoid rehydrating with alcoholic or caffeinated drinks.


After a soccer match or practice, the body’s stores of carbohydrates and fluid are likely to consume. In order to hydrating, consume a carbohydrate and protein-rich meal as soon as possible and following the workout. A protein and carbohydrate mixture increase the recovery more than carbohydrates alone. The carbohydrates help the body to prepare for the future exercises. Protein helps in muscle repair. The post-workout recovery meals include a bowl of whole grain cereal with skim milk, chocolate milk, and a yogurt and fruit parfait.


The meal or snack that you need to eat before soccer match can help you to perform better. You need to eat a carbohydrate-rich meal about two hours before a soccer match. Decrease the amount of fat that you need to eat before the game, as this can cause stomach discomfort during the game. Good carbohydrate choices are yams, whole grains, and fruit.

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