facts about soccer

Get to know about 10 surprising facts about soccer

Approximately 300 million people around the world play soccer, and the number of people that watch the sport is equally staggering. It is the most common sport in the world and is the national game of over 60 different nations. It can be traced back over 20 eras and had many various forms before The Football Association wrote the first official rules in 1863. Hundreds of years, and twenty World Cups later, soccer has racked up some entertaining trivia throughout its extensive history. You can read some surprising facts about soccer of them below. Register your kid here and get free soccer classes.

facts about soccer

Fun facts about soccer you may not know!

Soccer is a game played among two teams of eleven players with a ball and remembered as football in top countries outside of Australia and the United States. It is performed by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world’s most favorite sport.

1. No one knows precisely when soccer created, but the initial versions of the game can be traced back 3,000 years.

2. Soccer is the most familiar game in the world. In multiple countries, its known as “football.”

3. In England, soccer made when several clubs formed the Football Association about 150 years ago.

4. Women began playing soccer around the same time as men did in England. However, initially, men were the preeminent players in the game. Women’s soccer started to become very popular in the 1990s.

5. In China, the first soccer balls manufactured from sewn clothing that loaded with remains. In Europe through the  Middle Ages, soccer balls were made from bloated pig bladders.

6. Today maximum of the balls is made from layers of artificial leather while the bladders inside the ball made from latex or butyl.

7. Some of the various shots in soccer are:
• The instep drive or knuckle shot
• The full volley
• The swerve shot
• The half volley
• The flying volley
• The side volley

8. The maximum number of athletes on a soccer team is 11. The different positions are:
• Goalkeeper
• Attacking midfielder
• Forward
• Fullback
• Wingback
• Centre-midfielder
• Defensive midfielder
• Centre-back
• Winger
• Sweeper
• Striker

9. Soccer played on a green field called a pitch. The area is rectangular and must be between 100 and 130 yards long-drawn and 50 to 100 yards broad.
10. An international soccer match is 90 minutes long. The 90 minutes separated into two 45 minute halves.

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