U18 Team (17-18yrs)


At the age of 18, players are likely to sign professional contracts. Soccer clubs sign professional soccer contracts with athletes on their youth teams because they think that they can play on the club’s first team or they can sell or rent these players to other clubs for a fair profit. My soccer Academy plan for 18 years old is the best soccer plan for 18 years old and above.

Soccer skills program for U18 soccer players

U18 soccer drills in Kissimmee tend to be quite a bit more complex than athletes have encountered in previous years. It is still essential to pay attention to fundamentals of ball control, passing, shooting and receiving but in the core of the practice athletes should expect a bit more team play ideas and drills that require more athletes. Exercises that maintain ball hold and tactical play will become increasingly important. Kissimmee Soccer has well planned small-sided games can be a great tool to help athletes with their decision making and how they imagine the game. The contest level should also be a region of emphasis for U18 soccer players. Our coaches have a good set of competitive drills and set aside time to work these into training on a regular basis. To get a good idea of Soccer for 18-year-olds practice have a look at our U18 Soccer Practice Plan or contact us for more information. This plan includes good use of technical competition drills, shooting drills and small-sided games.

18-year-olds drills for advanced athletes who are a high school or college level. These coaching sessions and practices are for the U18 age club. Athletes in their youthful years and secondary school/high school age groups. The training combines several elements of fitness and excellent skill and small groups in these more difficult soccer drills. Fitness and conditioning are now combined more as the physicality of the competition starts to increase.