U8 Team (7-8yrs)


My Soccer Academy coaching program at the U8 soccer age, start with everything the players learned at the U6 level. Although, we have two levels within the same category for those players that are just starting in the beautiful sport of soccer.


Restarts like corners, goal-kicks, and indirect kicks begin to come into play at the U8 age group.

soccer games should be pushed in the soccer practices…

  • Basic soccer restarts kick off and drop the ball.
  • Additional soccer fouls of pushing,
  • Holding and tripping.
  • Basic sportsmanship.
  • Team bonding and fun.

These fundamentals will set up a good foundation for the young U8 player.

Start out by teaching…

  • 1 on 1 soccer moves like v-move, step over or scissors.
  • Basic traps like the sole, instep, thigh and chest.
  • Passing the soccer ball.
  • Instep drive for good shooting technique.

The basic dribbling, passing and receiving, ball control and shooting skills are very important. Once the player is comfortable with the soccer ball this will allow them to lift their head to look around the field…presto, you have a player that can make decisions – well it’s not that easy but you get the drift.

Check out this dribbling and turning Dribbling the soccer ball

Soccer tactics

The kids start to figure out they can share the soccer ball.
The 3v3 or 4v4 games because the triangles show up all over the field, and the kids get lots of touches on the soccer ball.
Once the player receives the soccer ball they have to make a decision to pass or dribble the soccer ball.
Attacking soccer: This program will teach young players how to play attacking soccer.
Controlling the soccer ball: How to develop a great first touch.
Turning the ball: Teach players how to turn using different parts of the foot.

U8 team soccer lessons:

  • Principles of U8’s
  • Dribbling To Keep Possession
  • Dribbling To Set Up The Pass
  • Cooperation
  • Cooperatively Competing
  • Making Connections
  • Receiving
  • Striking A Ball
  • U8 Variety Of Lesson Plans
  • PE in the soccer environment