U16 Team (15-16yrs)


In the category of Soccer for 16 year-olds, the level of trainability is evaluated by the angle of working transformation maintained by the body through a specific training curriculum. To train kids with respect to their age is the central idea here. If you modify the training method, it can conflict with the maturation and growth of the kids either negatively or positively. Keep in mind that children in their developing age have a very powerful level of oxygen and thus need a lot of training on a regular basis. Get Registered with us and have free classes.

Soccer Program for U16 Players

The development that comes before the level of fitness is always achievable only because of the maturity in body and constant practice. Before joining into the phase of rapid growth, the development of VO2 max in response to training will not be stable.

Soccer Training Plan for 16 and 17-year-olds

Please understand and know My Soccer Academy coaching plan for teenagers under 16 years of age.

Activities by age groups:

Ages between 10 to 12:
Run length: Although the run-length changes according to personal capacity with walking breaks, you get to perform 8 minutes.

Children (boys) between 10-12 years and children (girls) between 10-11 years, finish the race of 12 minutes. At first, the strike is negligible according to the pace of movement. Visible growth is achieved at the age of nearly 10. One of the basic means of practice at this age is to improve the ability of a kid to perform the work on a very large and relatively short-slow run. By the period of 12 years of age, the kid can run 14-15 miles per week; and this method is called: Systematic training practice.

Ages between 11 to 13:

For nearly 100 meters on land is the relaxation exercise which also includes pregames that sequentially generates muscle reactions

  • Relief activities on the area of about 100 meters including pre Sports that generate muscle stability in narrow spaces.
  • Drills with a technical basis and in connection with the soccer ball.
  • Reaction activities based on routines and rest intervals of 35 to 40 seconds.

Ages between 14 to 16:

  • Practices with the soccer ball.
  • Technical defense with an emphasis on aerobic (with oxygen outgo).
  • Development of physical needs and individual qualities.
  • Recovery activities, including in the recreational dynamics.

All these methods of technical education, begin the exposure of excellent features in teenagers. My Nona Soccer Academy appropriates a unique purpose of training.