Breakfast before a soccer game

Before the soccer match, Player should need to consume a large number of carbohydrates, a modest amount of protein and a low quantity of fat. This all includes breakfast on the day of your match. Without proper, balanced nutrition, you would not have enough energy to play your best in the soccer match. In this post we are going to listed healthy advise about the breakfast before a soccer game.

What to eat for breakfast before a soccer game

If you are having trouble in developing a diet plan that helps your soccer performance, you can ask a dietitian or sports nutritionist for sound advice. Here are some useful tips for breakfast before a soccer game.


Three to four hours before a soccer game, players should have a breakfast based primarily on high carbohydrates, such as a glass of orange juice, 1 cup of oatmeal paired with low-fat milk, a piece of whole-wheat toast and a banana. Complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains will ensure that your muscles have enough glycogen that you need in the soccer game. As you know, the glycogen is the storage form of glucose, and it is the compound that your cells use for energy. If there are only a few hours remain before soccer game time, you need to focus on low- or nonfat dairy or carbohydrates that have low fiber and are easy to digest, such as fruit. These choices offer quick energy and are less risk to give you an upset stomach. A fruit smoothie prepared from yogurt, milk and fresh fruit is also one of the best options for breakfast before the soccer game.


Breakfast before a soccer match should contain low-fat protein. High-fat meats, like sausage or bacon and whole milk dairy products, can slow down your digestion and give you an uncomfortable, heavy stomach feeling. Instead of this you can take fruit with plain, low- or nonfat yogurt, have a boiled egg or vegetable omelet or spread whole-grain toast with butter to overcome your protein needs. A typical best-protein breakfast for a soccer player should be a whole-grain pancakes scrambled egg, and 1 cup of low-fat milk, which could supply approximately 20 grams of protein. As you get closer to soccer game time, you have to choose a liquid form of protein to minimize digestion time, such as a high-carb fruit that smoothie prepared with milk and yogurt.

Minimum Pre-Game Fat

You need to skip margarine, butter and any breakfast entrees featuring gravy, oil-heavy or cream souse items such as fried potatoes or chicken-fried steak. Your pre-game meal must consist of no more than 5 percent fat if you are going to eat three to four hours before the match. If you are eating near to game time, your meal must contain less than 5 percent fat. In the best breakfast, the fat should have come from foods naturally high in polyunsaturated and mono- fats such as olive oil or canola oil, nuts, seeds or avocados. For example, put one and a half piece of avocado in your omelet or mix 1 ounce of the toasted seeds or nuts into your oatmeal.

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