Best Plyometric Workouts for Soccer Players by Position

Soccer athletes are well known for their unbelievable endurance, running an ordinary distance of six miles during a 90-minute competition. However, the game is nevermore played at one speed. Soccer is more about strength, consisting of rounds of speed, long-distance strikes and jumping goaltenders staving off strikes from airborne forwards.

Get to know about the best plyometric workouts for soccer players by position

Since soccer is such a fast game based on energy, the best practices for soccer players incorporate plyometric exercises. Plyos enable muscles to obtain maximum force in the most concise time by using the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC), the key to moving faster and jumping higher.

Goalkeeper Soccer Workouts

Plyometric Workouts for a Soccer Goalie

As the ultimate line of defense, goalkeepers hold a lot of weight on their collars. With such a large area to cover, they need the capability to get from one side of the net to the other in one movement.

  • Lateral Bounds
  • Plyometric Workout Soccer – Lateral Bound
  • Begin in active position balancing on the right leg
  • Place the leg by lightly bending your knee and resting into your hips
  • Bound (jump) parallel as high and far as feasible, landing on the opposite leg
  • Incorporate impact by landing in the loaded position
  • Swing arms to produce power and triple-extend into ankles, knees, and hips
  • Begin by pausing for three seconds between bounds, then proceed to quick repeats
  • Sets/Reps: 3-5×5-10, relaxing 1-2 minutes between sets


Defender Soccer Workout

Plyometric Workout Soccer – Defender

Defenders have it sharp, especially when reaching the other team’s best scorer week after week. As a defender, you must be fast, agile and amazingly strong. With all the pushing and maneuvering for a position that goes on, it gets a great deal of strength to hold your ground in the penalty range during a corner kick or free-kick.

  • Bursting Push-Ups
  • Start in the traditional push-up position
  • Lower chest to the ground, then forcibly push yourself up so your hands leave the floor
  • Earth softly with joints bent, and repeat
  • Maintain core tight throughout the entire movement
  • Sets/Reps: 4×5-10, relaxing 2 minutes between sets
  • Learn more famous upper-body plyos.

Midfield Soccer Exercises

Midfielders manage the action—they are the maestros of the soccer strike. One of the various stunning games in all of soccer is a cleverly placed long-distance strike or free-kick. Correctly placing the ball over a bank of defenders and beyond a leaping goalkeeper brings unparalleled accuracy and power.


  • Best Plyometric Workout for Soccer – Split Squat Jump
  • Stand in a staggered position with the right foot in front
  • Drop into a lunge stance, keeping the chest up and core strong
  • Jump up as high as feasible, scissor-kick your braces and land with left leg first
  • Substitute forward leg each set
  • Sets/Reps: 3-5×10-20, relaxing 2-3 minutes between sets

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