12 free games apps for supporters, athletes, and organizations

Need free games apps? No difficulty.  I’m presuming you’ve Googled or shortly searched the Top Charts for Google Play and iTunes. You might previously have downloaded FIFA Soccer, Cricinfo, ESPN, Sky Sports, BBC Sport and different big-hitters in the universe of games apps.

Get to know about free soccer games apps

Open games apps can so broadly be divided into two sections of both news/scores or sports. In this general discussion, Here, I’ve selected out apps from both camps over the games included in Pitchero’s online community.


SofaScore Live Score (Android or iOS)

Active coverage of 24 games (fixtures, standings and results) indicates SofaScore is complete and has been introduced a whopping ten million times. At the moment of work, it was also extremely well-reviewed.

Feedly – Smart News Reader ( iOS or Android)

Join to 45 million supplies, studies games newspapers, magazines or blogs, follow labels and hold everything conveniently in one spot rather than over many of apps.

Periscope Live Video (Android or iOS)

Explore active video supplies by hashtag, topic or location and view the game (or anything more) in real-time from throughout the globe.

Football Strike – Multiathlete Soccer (Android or iOS)

Dare your partners to fire up the Career Mode or a penalty shootout and off your progress. Begins with the peace of brain of 50 million installs and powerful reports.

CricBuzz (Android or iOS)

Editor’s Selection in the Google Play store, the CricBuzz app has active records, stats, rankings, video content, cricket news, ball-by-ball commentary, and score updates.

Rugby World Cup 2019 (Android or iOS)

It might not be unto October except the Rugby World Cup 2019 will have immense developed-up and you can view, watch famous moments from past World Cups, read pre-tournament news and fixtures.

Rules of Hockey (Android oriOS)

Hockey in app markets changes as ice hockey but there is a remarkable deficiency of (field) hockey apps. This is a helpmate that enables you to browse and learn to grasps with any laws from within the sport. Ideal for trainers, hockey fans, athletes and umpires.

Rugby League 18 (Android or iOS)

(App is no currently open on iOS)

Here’s a successful game for rugby league fans with more than 100 crews at the club and global level with hurdles and active games.

Netball Shots Free (Android)

Hold some joy on the crew trainer on the route to a game and take your eye in with Netball Shots Free. The Vitality Netball Superleague app is additionally accessible with a report on the elite UK netball tournament but hadn’t been refreshed after March 2018

Try our Pitchero apps…

Pitchero Club (Android or iOS)

Athletes, fathers and followers of your association can know the newest club league tables or scroll through match video highlights, photos and reports, fixtures and news.

Athletes are undoubtedly capable to establish their availability for practice or a sport and talk with one another and their trainers.



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We offer a wide range of innovative, state-of-the-art programs that meet the interests and playing abilities of all players and teams.

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